The national competition will start on the 30th of June (12:00 Romanian local time) and will end on the 2nd of July (23:59 Romanian local time).

Competition concept:
  • the tasks provided will test your knowledge on basic and intermediate topics of computer security
  • there are tasks that you can figure out without prior knowledge
  • there are also tasks that will require extensive "Googling" and learning new concepts
  • there can be multiple ways to solve one challenge; however, when you have solved it, you will obtain a piece of information called a flag
  • flags are unique per task
  • submitting a flag in the scoreboard will award you points
  • players will be ranked according to the number of points at the end of the competition
  • points will be validated by sending complete writeups of your solution for each task
  • if you do not submit writeups, we will assume you had external help and we will not include you in the list of finalists
  • for more information on the task format, you can check out the tasks, files and solutions submitted by the finalists last year.

Registration rules:
  • competing criteria and categories according to year of birth:
  • 1900 - 1991: Cannot qualify for the Finals
  • 1992 - 1996: Can qualify for the Finals. Senior category
  • 1997 - 2003: Can qualify for the Finals. Junior category
  • 2004 - present: Cannot qualify for the Finals
  • registering accounts from anonymous mailboxes is not allowed
  • registering accounts from IPs related to VPN or Tor services is not allowed
  • registering accounts with offensive/politically incorrect names is not allowed

Competition rules:
  • in the Final phase (in Spain) the Romanian team will consist of 10 people (out of which, a number of maximum 5 Seniors)
  • however, in this National phase, each contestant will compete on his own using a separate account
  • external help is strictly forbidden. Examples of behaviour that will lead to disqualification (and have done so in the past years): reposting the challenges or any part of the challenges, asking for help or spoiling the challenges by posting solutions/flags on IRC, Stack Overflow, Forums (RST, Tuts4You) etc
  • collaborating with other players is forbidden
  • registration is only available until the contest has started (to avoid abuse during the competition)
  • you can only attack the targets specified in the task descriptions
  • attacking the scoreboard (this site) will lead to disqualification
  • generating excessive traffic is not allowed (not even on the task targets)
  • DOS/DDOS is forbidden and will lead to disqualification
  • bruteforcing flags on the site scoreboard is not allowed
  • until the logs and writeups have been analyzed and validated, the scoreboard does not completely reflect the score situation

Training ideas:
  • picoCTF is a past competition for complete beginners that is still online and available for you to try your skills
  • Google CTF is an advanced CTF taking place in the weekend of 16th-18th of June
  • Some sites with educational material alongside the challenges are Root Me and w3challs